July 15, 2008

I hope that packing tape holds for 6 months...

Contents of a box that won't be opened for another 6+ months

Yes, that is Monopoly, a frying pan, candlesticks, picture frames, and a red mirror in that cardboard box. This, my friends, is what you must do when you decide you are moving out of New York City; pack up almost all of the random items you own and get it into boxes for your parents to pick up and take away for the summer while you move into a furnished sublet. You will have to think long and hard about those items that you really DON'T need to live with (ie. your entire design magazine collection, your boardgames, your mugs & glassware, etc.) and start to think minimalistic. Start thinking that you should really only take the necessities from your midtown apartment that you are moving out of and parting ways from your roommates of the past 5 years. It was strange packing this box and others, knowing that they won't be reopened with their items to be taken out and put away in their new rightful places for another 6 months or so.

That's another thing you need to think about when deciding to move out of NYC for a little while, the fact that you will be living in 4 different places within one year. I have come to terms with and am okay with this. Sure, finding an apartment to rent can be stressful and is right now the one thing that keeps me up at night; finding a room to rent in Barcelona! A challenge that will be for sure. However, I look forward to the time when I will come "home" to my apartment in Spain and rest my head on "my" bed and think to myself that I did it, I found a place. Reading the online ads for rooms has been helpful to my Spanish vocabulary (learning words like furnished, refrigerator, closet, elevator, etc), even if I am looking at rooms online that won't be available by the time I get to Spain. I am so curious as to what apartments will be like. All I can help but picture now is the apartment in the movie "L'Auburge Espagnole", a great French movie about 6 international twenty-somethings that live in Barcelona together. Though I would prefer not to have 5 other roommates, I would like to have at least one native Spanish speaking roommate who possibly I could learn some Spanish from just by being around. I have started to think that I should take my favorite sticky little papers (Post-it Notes) and placing them on everything in my apartment to label each item in Spanish. For some reason though, I feel that my two summer roommates in Brooklyn may not enjoy this so much.

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