July 16, 2008

The Scots who are teaching me Spanish.

Even though a coworker of mine insists that when I get to Spain I am going to sound like the Spanish version of Sean Connery, I have been more than happy with the Spanish lessons (run by two Scots, Mark and Kara) I have been taking via my CoffeeBreak Spanish podcast. Yes, their accents cracked me up a little bit when I first started listening to them, but after a few lessons I didn't even notice them anymore. These lessons were better back when I was still walking to work and speaking Spanish out loud on Park Avenue amidst a sea of people who could care less what you are saying because to be honest, I don't sound nearly as crazy as the man who sits on the corner of 51st and Park. Now that I take the subway (and when I say "subway" I really mean "subways" as my commute gives me the opportunity to take not one but TWO different trains to work) it's a little more difficult to hear Mark and Kara over the screeching of the subway cars on the tracks. It is also slightly rude to awaken my fellow passengers who are moments from slumber in their plastic yellow-orange seats on either side of me who haven't had their coffee yet. I am sure the last thing they want to hear is "Vuelvo a casa a las seis" and "Me levanto a las siete" (that is the last lesson I had, learning how to say things like "I return to the house at six" and "I get up at seven").

I know I need to start being more active in my Podcasts daily. I go through weekly phases where I listen to it every morning but I started a new book on Monday and now that's the only thing I want to concentrate on during my commute. Anyhow, despite the fact that I am taking a 4-week semi-intensive Spanish class when I get to Barcelona, I would like to have some idea/grasp on the vocabulary of Spain so I can get myself around for the first couple of weeks I am there. Things like finding the grocery store ("Donde esta el supermercado?") and nearest bus stop ("Parada esta cerca de aqui?") are phrases and ideas that my knowledgeable Scottish teachers are helping me out with before my journey to Spain.


Matt said...

You haven't downloaded your pirated version of Rosetta Stone yet?

adesignaffair said...

I am going to miss you!