March 17, 2008

The Cheese Monkeys.

Have you ever picked up a book in Barnes & Noble and read the prologue only to find yourself laughing literally out loud and forgetting that you are in a crowded public bookstore in Union Square? Well folks, that happened to me when I picked up Chip Kidd's book The Cheese Monkeys. Not only was I laughing, but upon further inspection of just the first few pages that are normally laden with copy straight from the publisher very officially and of course traditional, one can tell that Mr. Kidd had a hand in the design of this one as he has somehow convinced Penguin Publishers to let him put the copyright information over two pages; but cut vertically in half! Love. It. There are more fun yet subtle design pieces in this book which make it better than your average layout but the real reason you should read it is for the art school humor (and to find out the real reason behind the zany title). Anyone who has had a crazy professor and/or a graphic design class should read this. And laugh heartily out loud from the time you pick it up in Barnes & Noble to the time you finish in the comfort of your living room.

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