March 13, 2008

I am coming back!

To the twelve people that read my blog daily (including a thanks to my Mom and brother!) I want to let you know that my Blog Slacking* will be ending this weekend and I will begin capturing again! I swear. New posts with interesting things and witty and well-written commentary will be coming your way via Capturing the Seven! In the meantime, please know I am reading all MY favorite blogs still (and you know who you are) and thank you for continuing to inspire and entertain. Til next week...

*Blog Slacking is derived from working at a freelance design assignment that does not allow sign-in to mail sites such as Gmail; which in effect you need to do to sign into Blogger. It is probably better this way that I am actually DOING design at work rather than my previous assignment which consisted mostly of writing and blogging at work with a side of design.

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