December 18, 2008

The Cab that Makes You Sing.

I had a moment this morning that I have at least once a week. It was that moment when I say to myself "Only in New York..." Walking from the subway to my office along the crowded midtown sidewalk, up ahead I saw a girl with a microphone standing in front of a small red carpet and a funny-looking car. I heard her yell out "Get a free cab ride!" – too bad I was 5 minutes from my office otherwise I might have taken her up on her offer. Only as I got closer to the girl and the cab did I realize what the catch was: you had to SING for your ride! It was a karaoke cab giving free rides to those who would sing a sing IN the cab. I of course googled this when I got to my desk and found out it is a promotion for Memorex. They have a gadget that you can attach to your iPod that lets you sing karaoke to it.

So if your voice is in tune and you need a ride, get to one of the six NYC locations. I can't promise your performance won't end up online (because it will here), but you could save $20 in cab fare!

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