December 2, 2008

I Have Been Tagged!

I have been tagged by a wonderfully talented best friend over at CM Illustration. The rules of the game are to write 6 quirky yet mundane things about yourself, so in the spirit of the holidays and tagging here I go! In case you were wondering, all photos were taken by me in the past couple of years (with the exception of the CD cover).

1. I have been playing soccer since the age of 5 and still continue to play to this day. I am a pretty relaxed (though sometimes hyper) person and consider myself a lover and not a fighter, but when I get out on the soccer field, it can be a different story.

2. The only pets I have ever had are goldfish (well, ALMOST only pet as I did have one crazy cat my junior year of college). This may not sound weird but the manner in which I get them is a little quirky; I am insistent on buying them in twos, calling one a boy and one a girl, and naming them in "duos" (ie. Hansel & Gretel).

3. When I have a stack of books, they MUST be organized in height order from tallest to shortest. Ask any of my roommates – I don’t have OCD!

4. Back in college when I first started eating sushi, I thought the green blob and the peeled white or pink slices served alongside my salmon rolls were things other than wasabi and ginger. Being a sushi neophyte, I thought it was guacamole and onions. Don’t ask me why I thought a Mexican sidedish was being served with a Japanese staple.

5. The Counting Crows have been my favorite band since the age of 14 when the cute, older, sophomore football player who sat next to me in biology introduced them to me (via his discman, no doubt). I know, I know, they are a little dated but I still am happily brought back to freshman year when I hear “Mr. Jones”.

6. Two jobs I always wanted but never had when I was a teenager were 1) a gift wrapper at the mall during holiday season (I know, I should have my head examined, but I LOVE decorating presents!) and 2) a lifeguard at the beach during the summer (who wouldn’t want to be paid to get tan?).

Here are the rules:
* Mention the rules on your blog.
* Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
* Tag six other
* Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they are tagged.

I have tagged a few of my favorite daily blog reads:

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CM Illustration said...

Fun! I could go for the go sushi roll after seeing your pic....too bad it doesn't exist any more!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the tag! I just did one last month and can't bear to BORE you lovelies with any more lame facts about me. But here's the link:


marta said...

ooh yes, counting crows got me when i was young too. love that rain king. thank you for your kind comments.

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

thanks for the tag... love your blog!

caroline said...

same with me and counting crows! loved 'em since junior high.