December 23, 2008

Green & Red & Chaos = Holiday Crunch Time!

Though these photos were taken at a fun little shop in the Barri Gotic area of Barcelona (I just never posted them) I thought they would be perfect to put up now to share. There are a few reasons for this. One, the color scheme is perfect for the Christmas holiday season. Two, the chaos at which perfect pieces of furniture are mounted to the walls at zany angles (no levels used here!) reminds me of the last-minute shoppers rushing in and out of stores on Fifth Avenue; zigging, zagging, taking photos in the middles of the sidewalks of decorated windows and lit-up large Christmas trees, and above all feeling frenetic*. Three, this is a gift shop and its that time of year to give.

*This is a result of going to Toys ‘R Us three days in a row – two visits included the insanity that is the Times Square location. If you have ever been during non-holiday season and seen the hundreds of people in and out around the Barbie house, the ferriswheel, the large-scale Lego display, and every other department, now I want you to multiple the insanity by 3000 and that’s how it feels the days leading up to Christmas in the mammoth toy store. Whew. I am tuckered out just thinking about it.

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adesignaffair said...

Nice new header & these drawers are making me regret that I just got rid of my dresser----could have used the drawers aa shelves..