December 17, 2008

What the Weather Brought in the Last 24 Hours.

The snow came down on Manhattan streets yesterday in what can only be described as flying puffy cotton balls. It was a beautiful sight from a window in midtown as my coworker and I stood in the window of an empty office watching the white swirl down past us.

With umbrellas in hand and boots on foot, six girls came together last night to share a holiday tradition, wine and cheese, friendship, and sugary homemade cookies.

Fog and haze filled the spaces between skyscrapers this morning as well as the verticals of the Brooklyn Bridge. The FDR Drive was spotted with the bright yellow of small rectangles (NYC taxis) zooming by the gray low clouds.

Perfect ice crystals formed on holly berries in front of a Christmas-ready brownstone in Brooklyn on a walk back from the gym. The tiny red balls seemed elegantly strung on their thin, brown branches.

A chill in the December air inspired the daydream of a couple who wanted more than anything to cuddle up with each other all cold day long to watch movies and ignore the world outside. Alas, we are both at work today.

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