July 30, 2009

Julie & Julia.

Ahhh, I can almost taste the food that is on the screen in the scenes for this new movie, Julie & Julia. The book on which it is based has been on my "must read" list for the past two years and now it is SERIOUSLY on my list because I refuse to watch a movie unless I have read the book first. Now more than ever I want to get the book STAT because I must be ready for the August 7th premiere which is in only a week! Growing up I used to watch Julia Child's cooking show with wild amazement and especially looked forward to the end when she would sign-off with "Bon appetit!". For the longest time I thought she was French until I learned just a few years ago that she is American and actually from California. Who knew?!

This NY Times article about the food styling of the movie (something I am particularly enamored of, and why my coworkers find me eying Tastespotting.com and Bon Appetit with more awe than hunger...though when its close to lunchtime it's usually hunger) was so interesting and left me even more excited for the movie and jealous of Susan Spungen, the film's food stylist (who has also had the enviable job of working as a food stylist for Martha Stewart). So much curious behind-the-scenes information about the food that was actually cooked for the movie as well as cooking techniques and lessons that both Meryl Streep (who plays Julia Child) and Amy Adams (who plays Julie) needed to learn in order to shoot the film correctly. Some images above from the NY Times sidebar (from the article) which is definitely worth reading - you will watch the movie with a different perspective now.

Plus, how great is the movie poster above?

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