July 20, 2009

Southern Tier Brewery.

Last night's perfectly clear weather prompted a post-dinner walk around our neighborhood. After a stop at our favorite spot for italian ices, Matt and I wandered up and around some of the avenues and streets, making another stop along the way home with ices still in hand but melting slowly. This stop was at one of the best specialty beer shops in Park Slope, Bierkraft. It caught our eye more than usual because we noticed that they had recently changed up the right side of it and added some wooden picnic benches inside so you could sit with one of their gourmet sandwiches (of which I haven't tried yet) and one day (when they get their beer license) a cold brew from their seemingly endless refrigerators.

We decided to go inside to just look around. While Matt was looking for some good new Belgiums, I was not able to just look at the beers for beers sake, of course I took this as opportunity to scour the shelves for some fine beer design. Goodness, it's tough being a graphic designer sometimes. What I found was more than a few companies who are doing a stellar job with their label design. One in particular is the Southern Tier Brewing Company of New York! Check them out above; I love the woodblock cut-looking design, clean in just two colors. And I recommend beer-browsing next time you are in your local beer shop!

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