July 22, 2009

Name That Theme Song!

Totally not a design-related posting today but I HAD to share my new internet find of the day – TelevisionTunes.com. Ever sung a TV’s theme song out loud only to wonder “what is the rest of it?” And before you know it, you and your coworkers are trying hard to design AND think up as many TV shows from the 80s and 90s with fantastic theme songs, finding them on a list of hundreds and hundreds and listening to them one by one.

A few of my personal favorites are Punky Brewster, Wonder Years, Growing Pains, Blossom, and Saved by the Bell. They also have ALL seasons of the Cosby Show since they changed their music every year.

Above was a great sidebar ad campaign for YouTube on this site. I thought the copy writing was PERFECT and really went well with the website it was being shown on.

Happy Wednesday afternoon!

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