October 28, 2009

Townhouse: Miami

Of course the moment you are on the plane landing at your home airport from vacation you are already imagining your next getaway. This was literally happening on the first leg home on our flight from San Jose, Costa Rica to Miami International. I made a medium-sized list of "Places to Go to in the Next 5-10 Years" which now hangs from the side of our refrigerator.

Being at the Miami airport made me realize two things. One, flying in on an international flight and then leaving on a domestic one is quite a process! The second thing I realized is that I have not spent any sort of significant time actually IN Miami. Sure I have used the airport as a layover on more than two occasions, but actually exiting that airport door where the sign says "ARRIVALS" is something I have only done once. And even that was a 16 hour stay that consisted of 8 hours of sleep and 1 hour driving around and around the airport waiting to pick up a friend who was arriving and who then would travel to Key West.

Matt and I have been thinking about our next quick trip (4 day weekend perhaps?) for the winter and are throwing the idea of Miami around. In preparation I have started to do some quick searching for Miami hotels (which I imagine will be quite opposite of where we stayed in Costa Rica). Now let me be frank and say I know absolutely NOTHING about anything having to do with Miami. Nothing about the beaches, the hotels, so everything seems pretty new and exciting to me. One hotel I came upon recently is called Townhouse (in South Beach) and I just loved their graphic look (you know I was getting to something graphic design-related in this post, didn't you?). This is all photography from their website which is nice and clean and chic.

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{lovely little things} said...

That looks like a fun, sunny place to stay in!