October 30, 2009

The Toledos + Lexus = Someday.

After seeing this ad in October's W magazine the other day, I decided to go online and see if I could find it in a digital version. I wanted to send it to my design/artist BFFs-in-crime, CM Illustration and A Design Affair, who are huge fans of Isabel & Ruben Toledo. Though I didn't find it online anywhere (and had to scan it), I did find out some interesting information about it. Turns out companies are now turning to the magazines they advertise in to create the ads; afterall, they know their readers the best and know how to reach them. So when Lexus wanted to advertise to Conde Nast and Hearst fashion readers, they turned to the artist and fashion designer couple and EXTREMELY talented duo, Isabel and Ruben Toledo to help them with the ad above. Enjoy!

I definitely recommend clicking on the images to see the fabulous details in the painting and use of fabrics (this appears as a double-page ad but I scanned them separately to show more of it)!

*PS. A Design Affair warned me that if I didn't post about this ad, then she would!

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love love love!!!