February 4, 2008

It's all in the family.

{"Dream" by Doodlespark}

{"Joy" by Doodlespark}

Growing up as someone who loved to draw, paint, and create in a house where no one else had this art passion, my parents often remarked, "I don't know where you get your creativity from". It is true, my parents – god love them both for their nurturing of my love for all things arty – have not a creative bone in their bodies. Had I not looked like a hybrid of the two of them, it is possible there might have been a switch at the hospital.

Now take this duo whose creativity clearly spanned genetics; a mother and daughter team who make up Doodlespark. Doodlespark is a collaborative art effort which involves sending a drawing back and forth to each other while each adding their own personal flair to the piece. The final pieces are great and so unique because it involves not one but two hands of two different artists who definitely have a passion that is not only brought together because of genes, but because of talent. It seems like such a beautiful way to bond with a parent who shares such a wonderful ability.

*A side note which was brought to my attention by my lovely Mother (after reading this post) is that indeed she IS creative. She knits and crochets with the best of them! Thanks to her I have some exceptional blankets made not only with pretty yarn, but with much love.

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