February 1, 2008

7 reasons I love Valentine's Day.

I know what you are thinking. Valentine's Day is a consumer-driven holiday created by Hallmark, Russell-Stovers, and anti-depressant medication. Who else would come up with just ONE day of the year to celebrate love when it should be celebrated EVERY day? I agree, I agree, but for some reason I adore the holiday. This partly could stem from the fact that my birthday is within a week of February 14th and the Valentine vibes are in my veins whether I like it or not. My friends all know this and as they are telling me why this holiday is ridiculous (for the reasons I first gave you, plus many others...and these are friends both without AND with significant others) I am telling them how much I love it. These are some new and old reasons why February 14th makes me smile:

1. Cupcakes with cute decorations.
Well, I love cupcakes no matter what, so maybe this is a cop-out, but seriously, wouldn't these put a smile on your face if a plate of them were at your dinner table? These are from a company called Sprinkles that I found through smart & stylish blog Design Crush.

2. Conversation Hearts.
Actually, I really only truly love the green, orange and yellow ones. I have decided my soulmate is out there and only eats the pink, purple (which taste like soap in my opinion) and white ones. Anyhow, these are quintessential Valentine's candy and there is nothing better than seeing shelves filled with these at the store. I do take issue with some of the more modern conversations such as "EMAIL ME". Um, that's not so romantic.

3. Getting & receiving valentines.
What is more fun than sending AND getting pink and red envelopes in the mail? This card is a little more sophisticated than what I would have made as a 9 year-old but I love the medieval swoops and the large graphic "XO"s (you can buy it on Etsy).

4. An excuse to be crafty.
Can't you just smell the wonderful scent of new art supplies such as doilies, glitter, markers, and pink and red construction paper. Seriously, its a good thing there is not a Michaels craft store within 10 miles of me, because I would be there buying out the place right now. This craft may be a little over the top, but Martha Stewart has this great heart soap project online (featured above). I don't know if giving your loved one some soaps might be sending the wrong message, however. Maybe you just want to put them out in your bathroom the week of V Day?

5. Flowers.
These flowers are one of my favorite, plumerias, from Hawaii and taken by photographer Superhero Photo. Yes, I know some of you are ready to throw up your breakfast from this sickening sweet post, but I do think that flowers on Valentine's Day may be one of the cliches that I truly love the most. And this coming from someone who rarely is dating someone on February 14th (and in fact has been broken up with mere days before this holiday) to even get flowers. Do yourself a favor. Go to your local florist and buy yourself a bunch of your favorites!

6. Warm and fuzzy feelings inside when its 18 degrees outside.
It's tough living in the northeast sometimes. Especially when that time is the dead of winter where you step outside and your ears (though under a hat) have gone into frostbite mode. When the wind is whipping around you and it's all you can do to keep your grip on the sidewalk below. Well, Valentine's Day is a good excuse to feel warm INSIDE (as trite as that may sound). Feel joy in knowing you are loved by your friends and family and the guy who makes your coffee at Starbucks and the woman who cuts your hair and your dentist and your coworkers and your significant others. Seriously, just take a second and think about how blessed you are to have people in your life who love you.

7. An excuse to wear red.
And especially today, not just on Valentine's Day. Today is national "Wear Red" for the American Heart Association's Go For Red ! It is all about recognizing awareness of heart disease (especially in women). An amazing cause and an easy way to get the word out; just dress yourself in the fabulous primary color loved by advertisers everywhere. Wear red!

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