February 6, 2008

Who feels...

{from wefeelfine.org; after clicking on a feeling}

{from wefeelfine.org, after clicking on all categories}

Wefeelfine.org is an amazing project put together by two guys, Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar, who basically information architected the entire worldwide web of blogs. I first saw their project at an Art & Design show over the summer and was absolutely mezmorized by it. The way they had organized all of the possible content on the web into this super clean, fun, easy-to-use structure totally had me spellbound. We Feel Fine lets you search the web for feelings at any given time, date, weather, with any gender of any age and then computes it and gives you the date. For example, you want to know what females in their 20s, living in Birmingham, when it was rainy in July of 2007 were feeling "energetic"? We Feel Fine will tell you. Check it out, but I'm warning you, it's a time suck (in a good way, of course!).

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