February 21, 2008

What would YOU change?

What is thirty days to you? The time period of a monthly subway pass? One twelfth of a year? 720 hours? 43,200 minutes? Well, this brand new website, First 30 Days, is all about what you can do in a month. Or how to start to make a bigger change that just starts with a month of altering lifestyle. I think there are so many websites out there which are just full of fluff and no substance and should honestly be removed form the web. This one makes me proud that internet is around. First 30 Days is a new site that JUST launched. I have been perusing it and there is some really great and valuable information on it. The concept of the site is starting something new in your life, the steps in getting there, and how to achieve your goals. This can be applicable to little things in life (I want to learn how to play an instrument, I want my desk to be more organized) to larger things (moving to a new city, having a baby, saving money, quitting smoking, etc.) and lifestyle changes. The site breaks it down in ways that are manageable. You can also sign up for email tips each day. This is truly a wonderful and helpful site! I HIGHLY recommend checking it out and who knows? You could be on a path to something great very soon with just a few minutes spent reading.

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