December 30, 2009

2 1/2 Hours in the Air...

No, I'm not going on a plane. Not for me. My New Year's Eve will be spent in a cute dress in a warm cozy Italian restaurant here in Brooklyn. I will be spending the shortest amount of time outside possible. Unlike the location of these ads above. One night a few weeks ago I spent almost an hour staring at these ads in the 59th Street subway station. I know, I agree, that's about 45 minutes too long to be underground. I got to check out each one that was lined up against the wall downstairs while waiting for the 4/5 downtown train. Considering I was beyond irate about waiting for the train, the ads kept me entertained. I have never been to St. Petersburg or Clearwater and I still don't think I have any desire to go (sorry, travel bureau of St. Petes/Clearwater). I did think the ads were pretty fantastic though. It's funny because they really did pick the best of the worst parts of NYC. Sometimes New Yorkers get stuck looking at terrible ads that were supposed to have been "made for them". Usually they end up poking fun at the subway crowd. There is so much more to poke fun of. And this ad agency did a fantastic job.

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Katherine Lee said...

that's an awesome ad campaign! ad execs don't get enough credit for creativity!

xo katherine aka. urban flea :)