December 14, 2009

Dallas Shaw: Illustrator.

Being part of the Pingg Designer Series is something that I love, though something I need to work on adding more work to. It is a unique way to get my designs and illustrations out to the masses in hopes of one day getting some commissioned illustrated pieces. Just another item to add to my ever-growing personal "creative to do". You all will be happy to know that I have now used my shiny new liquid watercolors and set to work about once a week (for the past two weeks) playing with some painting. Yeah! Hopefully will have some art to share in the next couple of weeks. I am LITERALLY just playing and getting used to using brushes and paints again (its been over a year).

Long story short, I was on the Pingg website and was looking through the other designers/illustrators galleries and came upon Dallas Shaw. Her watercolor work is great! Check it all out here (and some samples above).

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