December 21, 2009


Oh how I wish this cute lil' pig was around when I was a kid. Who am I kidding?! I love reading the Olivia books now, at the almost ripe age of 30. With the cleanliness of a graphic designer who loves their white space, the eye of a skilled illustrator and humor of a fantastic writer, Ian Falconer, took the love and inspiration he found in his newborn niece (named what else, but Olivia!) and started a whole series of books for kids. They are funny, smart, and clean. Just how I like my kids' books.

I had so much fun picking out one of them for Matt's youngest niece this year for Christmas. Hopefully she won't groan when she opens up one of her gifts and sees a book. I vaguely remember not always loving getting books as gifts when I was a kid. Now? Seriously, just take me to Barnes & Noble for a field trip and I am happy as a clam. And hopefully she remembers one of our gifts to her and her sister last year was Olivia Helps with Christmas. Luckily she doesn't read my blog (or even READ yet...she's only 3) so I know she won't have the surprise of one of her gifts spoiled. She loves all things having to do with making music so I thought Falconer's latest Olivia Forms a Band would be perfect for her! I of course had to flip through it a few times before wrapping it last night. Perhaps next year (or next birthday) will bring her the Olivia Counts book (last image above).

As someone who has been wanting to write, illustrate and actually publish their own children's book since the age of 8, when I wrote about and drew some frogs, Falconer is an inspiration!

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Katherine Lee said...

i love love love olivia! i wish it was around when i was growing up, but my as yet unborn children will definitely partake in her lovely piginess.

xo katherine aka. urban flea ;)