December 14, 2009


Flipping through the latest Real Simple magazine I came across an ad for these fun popsicles. I know it seems like the last thing you would want to eat now that the northeast winter has settled in for the next few months, BUT when those spring temperatures roll in I want to be ready with these. It brings me back to my childhood and the popsicle holders that we used to fill with orange juice or KoolAid and freeze and stand and wait around the freezer for the moment they were solid. No one wants to take the lid off of one of those and watch the half-frozen popsicle drip to the ground. Well, this nifty invention called Zoku (and exclusively for Williams-Sonoma) would amaze even the child-at-heart. Only about minutes in this fun little machine (which is used OUTSIDE of the freezer) produces a ready-to-eat popsicle.

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Katherine Lee said...

That's awesome! What a cool find...

xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)