December 15, 2009

Wrap Me Up in the Container Store.

Well, not really IN the Container Store but IN their wrapping paper. It is always my go-to store for wrapping gifts no matter what the occasion or season. Yes, that's right, I will take the local train on my way home, stop at a station just 4 away from my office, then walk an extra 5 blocks and then get BACK on the train to actually go home. All in the name of fabulously designer wrapping paper. I know, I have a disease. I can't help it, though. It is not that cutesy and cheesy nonsense they sell at most CVSs or DuaneReades or any other store. It is marvelous and affordable and DESIGNED. Some of my favorites are above. I love the simplicity of the red dots, that to me, look like and resemble Rudolph's nose. How cute? I sent Matt two of these images so when he stops by the Container Store later he can pick one up. He asked why he couldn't pick one out himself and I told him that we should leave the pattern-choosing to the designer in the household.

Growing up I used to love (and actually STILL love) wrapping presents. It was almost more fun than picking out the gifts themselves. I would walk downstairs and open up the "wrapping" drawer in the wooden dresser (which always stuck for some reason). My little hand would reach in and pick out my favorite paper at the time and then hijack the white box that had 8 different colors of curling ribbon coming out of it. Next stop was the kitchen drawer to get the scissors and tape. Last stop? My room to assemble and wrap! I of course would usually forget to return the scissors and tape to the kitchen and inevitable would hear my Mom asking for it the next day when SHE needed to wrap presents.

Happy wrapping this season!

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