January 31, 2008

Type away!

What is it about old-fashioned typewriters that I adore...Is it because I sometimes hate technology and the fact that everything we do becomes digital and I long for real papers printed with real hand-writing without the ability to quickly reproduce it? Is it because I remember actually typing papers in elementary school on a typewriter and using that white-out paper that you would have to slide between the paper and the mechanism that popped up with the letter punch; making sure it was completely accurately in the correct place or else what you wanted to erase would not work? Is it because I just love the LOOK of the typewriter because I LOVE what comes out of it...typography? Or maybe it stems from the fact that one summer I came home from college to find out that my parents did some spring cleaning and got rid of *gasp* the typewriter I had grown up with! Whatever it is, it is my life's mission to buy one once I have a home that has extra space for things like typewriters. And I want a turquoise one just like this (above) from Three Potato Four. Does anyone else share this crazy obsession?


Brilliant Asylum said...

Every now and then I have to use a real typewriter at my office. It is a totaly pain-in-the ass, but there is definitely something satisfying about pounding on those keys.

Who Sees the Seven... said...

Funny you mention that because I must have supressed a memory from my first job where we ALSO had a typewriter; used only to type labels for when we were messengering designs within NYC. Pounding those keys WAS fun!