November 2, 2008

A REAL tapas bar. Chairs not included.

I spent about 3 hours in the museum and then decided to make my way to my hostal to check in my bags and see about some “real” tapas bars (seeing as Madrid is supposedly THE city for them). Following a recommendation from RoughGuides, I walked my way (though having to stop and ask directions once) to my destined tapas bar. Along the route I noticed quite a number of OTHER tapas bars overflowing with people eating and drinking and literally spilling out onto the streets because there was just not enough room for everyone IN the bars. It was crazy! And it was 2:30 in the afternoon!

My first Madrid tapas bar experience was a good one as I just took in all of the energy from the people around me as I had found myself a little spot at the end of the bar to be able to watch the rest of the room of people around the bar and around the small high tables. There were no chairs in the place just a couple of benches, people seemed to be tossing aside their small, used, super thin napkins (that are ALL over every tapas bar/restaurant in Spain) with reckless abandon on the floor, draft beers were being plunked down on the bar by one of the bartenders at intervals of about two every two minutes, canopies covered in all sorts of seafood were placed by tongs onto little plates awaiting their recipients, men and women between 25 and 50 were happily have loud and vibrant conversations, and all of the men behind the small bar (dressed in white shirts and black aprons) seemed to always be doing something as there was never a dull moment. I must say, I liked it very much. And the food was good too!

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