November 18, 2008

Remember These?!

Tonight I am heading to the Society of Illustrators Children's Book Illustration show (which is by FAR my favorite show of the year which I have been attending for 6 years now) and so when my coworker asked if I would like to take a walk to Barnes & Noble and check out the kids books I more than happily obliged! What better way to get my excitement level up for the amazing art and kids' books I would be seeing later in the day? Well, imagine my pleasant surprise when browsing through the children's section and reminiscing about books of my past, when I came upon the newly designed Judy Blume books (published by one of my favorite children's booksellers, Scholastic)?! More specifically, the Fudge series which I absolutely adored as a child, ala Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing, Otherwise Known As Sheila the Great, Superfudge, and Double Fudge just to name a few. I love the clean simple, yet fun, colors and cute minimalistic illustrations popping out of the vertical striped bar!

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adesignaffair said...

I like the old covers better. vintage over new anyday