January 21, 2009

Not Recommended for Vegetarians.

After being forced into seeing a major "guy" movie this weekend (thanks Matt & John for sharing your odd love of Conan the Barbarian with me. Now more than ever I can't look at Arnold the same way) I felt the need to get back to my happy movie place which involves the last good movie I saw before that, Delicatessen. This movie is made by the same director of Amelie (of which I was/am totally infatuated with), Frenchman Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and so it has that sweet/odd/funky/enthralling storyline coupled with great cinematography and art direction. There is something a bit perverse about Delicatessen considering the main plot is all about the super/owner of the delicatessen trying to kill the new maintenance man (an ex-clown) of the apartment building above. The reason for wanting to kill him is so he can be sold/fed to the tenants. Of course there is an underlying love story between the daughter of the butcher and the new maintenance man. It sounds crazy and it is, but really good and I highly recommend.

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