January 26, 2009

Thank Goodness MenuPages. Thank Goodness.

Last weekend while Matt and I were looking up a favorite sushi restaurant in the neighborhood we happily discovered the new look of MenuPages! All I have to say is thank goodness and HOW did it take so long? That site is a go-to for many New Yorkers and it's look was so dated; it killed me that it was the only place to get a menu and that the whole userface just seemed o-l-d. Not only their new design got me, but also their great little illustrations/photos at the top right of each page. Now? Send me menu-hunting anytime!


Designers' Brew said...

ahh-cute! I have been a seamlessweb girl myself, for YEEEARRS... since they first started the company and were only servicing the needs of exhausted, increasingly despairing and increasingly fat attorneys and paralegals (of which I was one of the latter).

adesignaffair said...

I wonder if the same illustrator that illustrates the Hermes website did these. They look similar.