January 20, 2009

Out With the Old...In With the New!

I have been engrossed in packaging design and inspiration for the past 6 weeks or so while trying to get ready for some new package design projects here at work, something that has been really exciting. Of course I can't go anywhere now (not that I wouldn't do this before) and not take keen interest in any and all beautifully done three-dimensional pieces. I feel a little bad for Matt who had to suffer a walk-through of Bath & Body Works with me the other afternoon but he made it out unscathed as did my wallet. I did get a glimpse of the bins upon bins labeled with $5 signs and inside were discarded "old" packaging. I then looked up to the walls and saw the new package shapes and designs sitting proudly on their shelves while silently gloating to their predecessors sitting on the tables. Just made me realize even more how important new packaging becomes for a company.

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