January 26, 2009

Oatmeal Made Cute. And Without Any Green.

Okay, so this is another post about something many of you may have heard of but for me it is news. I attribute this to my being off in another country during it's launch and just catching up now. My coworker just came back from a trip to Starbucks to get oatmeal. Oatmeal? You may ask. I asked the same thing. Who knew that the over-priced (but delicious maker of chai tea lattes), eco-friendly (most of the time), green and brown-themed chain coffee shop sold oatmeal? Not even just oatmeal but “perfect oatmeal” that comes in adorable-designed little cardboard cups with cute caps with none of the original Starbucks-themed green anywhere (a sign of some great brand extension). And then served with the oatmeal you are given the choice of accoutrement – brown sugar, dried fruit or nut medley – each packaged in their own sweet bag. I don’t think I would give up my Quaker Oats but its good to know that there is a healthy alternative to the doughy bagels and pastries that Starbucks offers with their strong coffees and delectable chai lattes (my one Starbucks downfall as you can see though I limit myself to only one a month).

Photos from: www.daileycrafton.com/blog and www.seriouseats.com

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