January 29, 2009

Simple & Wonderful...Type it Up!

The artwork that I fell for at first sight.

The photo which started my artwork search (see top right corner)

Another piece by Joao Onofre

And another piece by Joao Onofre

Flipping through New York Magazine on the subway yesterday (my favorite weekly read) I got to the new restaurant section where there was not only a list of the best bites at this new establishment but ALSO a photo taken in the restaurant. At first glance it looks like a normal west village establishment but being typography-crazy my brown eyes grew wide as I looked closer at the top right corner and saw a type-only poster of which I read and then said “I MUST find out where that is from!”. So began my search via google (I tried typing in “helvetica neue bold condensed poster”...no dice) and then to the telephone where I called the restaurant (10 Downing) and asked if they knew about the artwork. The manager was super helpful and told me the name of the gallery (who were also really helpful) which I then called and found out the name of the artist, João Onofre, and that sadly, I could not afford this work. He did have a couple of other type-driven artworks which were equally simplistic and smart but again, original pieces. I just love the simplicity of the black on white and just saying it like it is. Upon learning that unless I won the lottery or a print was made (the piece in 10 Downing is an original) my coworker suggested perhaps that I just follow the artist’s directions and make my own. I could customize it too. Maybe Miller Text or Futura Condensed or Gill Sans Extra Bold? The possibilities are endless!

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