September 9, 2009

Michel Comte for John Richmond.

Looking through photographer reps' studios websites and/or physical portfolios is one of my favorite "chores" (and I say that completely tongue-in-cheek because I LOVE looking at photography!) that MUST be done as a graphic designer/art director. Currently I am looking for inspiration for some new beauty visuals and one of the first sites I checked out (is one of my favorite photo reps) is Walter Schupfer which is where I just gazed longingly through Michel Comte's photography for John Richmond's fashion line. Loving the energy and of course the cropping the art director did (who? I don't know).


Urban Flea said...

I love both the clothes and the art direction, it's a wonderful find! Great post as always!

xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

Anonymous said...

art direction is JR internal creative director in london who also takes care of the concept.