September 24, 2009

Nora Thompson: Illustrator.

It's almost that time of year for the Society of Illustrator's Children's Book Show. Almost. In eager preparation I found a fantastically fun children's illustrator, Nora Thompson, whose work I wanted to share with you. One thing about her site that I loved is that she shows her sketches and then the final art. There is something wonderful about seeing the bare bones of a piece of art. I have posted them next to each other so you can see.


Nora Thompson said...


Crazy! I was just spending some time submitting my sites to Google when I ran head-first into your blog showing some of my illustrations.

Thanks for the kind words! I often wonder if I'm actually doing something that people are interested in or just humoring myself. I appreciate that you appreciate the work!

Nora Thompson

Leda said...

Nora is a friend and fellow artist... her work is surely something that publishers should be scrambling to add to their list. She is on the rise so look out... we expect her career to POP! like one of those googly eyes she draws!

So wonderful to see her recognized on your blog.
~Leda Miller