September 16, 2009

Morning Coffee & Tea.

I love mugs. They remind me of the morning and homeyness and just warmth. Only good things come in mugs: coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup. One who waxes poetic about mugs should have a pretty good collection of these breakable wares so it shames me to admit that I actually only have two mugs in our our kitchen cabinets. TWO! And they were part of Matt’s gift two birthdays ago (fabulous “Brooklyn” mugs from one of my favorite NYC shops, Fishs Eddy...reason behind the gift? At the time I noticed my new boyfriend didn’t own ANY mugs). Limited shelf space has prevented me from adding to this collection but recently I have been thinking about adding to this. I want to be able to invite people over for brunch and let them drink out of fabulous ceramic mugs too! Perusing Etsy, I found these quirky ones from the shop Mr. PS based out of England. I think they would look great displayed on a narrow shelf on the kitchen wall (thus not cramming cabinet space and allowing mugs to be art! Everyone wins!).

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