September 2, 2009

The Smells of New York.

Okay, to some of you, that subject conjures up lots of quite disgusting scents (aka the dingy subway must) and perhaps some more quite tasty odors (boiled hot dogs). However, all areas of this great island of Manhattan have their own distinct scent on various street corners (some of which I will not talk about now for not wanting to gross anyone out). You could, in fact, write a book about the strange smells. Well, someone has done one better! Jason Logan (for the NY Times) made a fabulous illustration of our fair city with a "scent key" for each neighborhood and listed out what you are likely to smell where. Perhaps this could go into the next Lonely Planet New York next to the subway map for out-of-towners? Either way, its sure to entertain locals and tourists alike. The interactivity is a lot of fun to scroll through, so smell away!

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adesignaffair said...

that's awesome. i have to view it up close.