September 4, 2009

Shake Shack!

Pretty much anyone in NYC who has ever walked by Madison Square Park (since 2004) has surely noticed the lengthy line of hungry New Yorkers (or tourists who are in-the-know) waiting outside of the wind-powered metal-sided "shack" that is Danny Meyer's Shake Shack. This is not new news here, people. However, your hostess here at Capturing the Seven has never eaten at this ALWAYS recommended "restaurant" known to forever be found in lists of "top burger" in NYC.

This is not because I am behind on the times but because my dietary choices had been contradictory to what they are currently (thank you, meat-eating boyfriend). Up until about a year and a half ago, I hadn't consumed red meat or pork products in almost 10 years. I can hear all of you gasping right now. I know what you are thinking, "but she went to Spain last year. Spain! The land of the cured pig product!" Well, thankfully, Matt had had his carnivorous influences on me since our 5th date or so and by the time I arrived in Barcelona, I was ready for the jamón. Mmmm. Jamón. Sorry, sidetracked by the thought of the delectable Spanish cured pig product.

Long story short, I eat red meat every now and then without a second thought. I must say, eating at restaurants is much more enjoyable now. Enter now: the burger at Shake Shack! It was INCREDIBLE (and how great are the graphics on their website? You know I had to turn this into a design-related post)! Though Audra and I waited in line about an hour it was decided between the two of us that it was worth every minute. Delicious. I now understand what Kathy has been swooning about it since the first day she went.

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