November 19, 2009

Random Thursday.

Loved the lollipop-nature of the trees in Villa Borghese

One of the many impressive sculptures inside the Vatican Museum

One of these seriously talented and artistic street artists who sit and pretend like they are really part of the scenery/street. This guy didn't budge when I took his photo and other tourists crowded around for a bit.

I know this is crazy, its my first post since last Friday. I have actually been doing really great work "stuff" which involved a two-day photoshoot for the brand I design for. It was exciting and great experience to be working with real people and not inanimate objects such as cookies, cocktails or bottles. All went well and as we speak I am making contact sheets of the past two days photographs. I have none to share with you from the shoot BUT thought I would share three random photos from Rome that I took last year when I was there. Katie and Erik were here visiting this weekend (who I was able to share some time with in Rome) and so there was a bit of reminiscing which led me to want to post a couple of photos of the trip here today since I have not done any design/photo/illustration-related research/finding.

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