February 10, 2010

5 Babies in the Next 5 Months!

I've seen more sonograms in the past few months than I have in my entire life. No, no, no. Not my own. Three of my best girl friends from home plus one of Matt's best friends from home plus Matt's sister (I'm going to be an "Aunt" to a third lil' one!) are all due in the next 5 months. That equals 5 babies being born to friends & family near and dear to us.

I am so excited for all of them but even MORE excited to put together sweet lil' baby gifts. I have an automatic "awww" and "ahhh" and "ohhh" when looking at baby clothes and gifts. Call it a girl thing, but the BabyGap just has that effect on me. In fact, I just went to their site to see what's selling these days and came across a line for the girls and the boys called "POP SHOP" which is for bebes under 24 months old who love patterned perfection. Oh. My. Cute. Little pears, fish, seahorses and strawberries plus lots of stripes and polka-dots for the girls in pretty colors. Tiny airplanes, monsters (cute ones, not scary ones), monkeys and stars also with their own color-combo-ed stripes for the boys.

So far the gender count is 2 for the boys and 2 for the girls (one more to be found out this weekend) which means I can have fun with all sorts of colors.

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