February 2, 2010

The Day You Love to Hate and Hate to Love.

Book from Urban Outfitters (how "love" is said around the world)

I've always been a person who has loved Valentine's Day. I swear it's not because I am a gushy romantic, but it's because my birthday is four days later. I guess I feel the need to harbor love for holidays within a 5-day proximity? I see why people can't stand it – the pressure, the Hallmark quality of it all, the marketing/candy hearts-driven aura about it. I get it, I do. I also see why people like it. It's that day out of the year to celebrate love! Not dressing up in costume (ala Halloween), not celebrating the first feast (Thanksgiving), not celebrating oil lasting 8 days (Hanukkah) or the birth of Jesus (Christmas). Actually, just celebrating love. It's sweet. Matt and I didn't do anything crazy last year and won't be doing much anything crazy this year. We'll be having a nice Sunday night dinner at home (long weekend! yeah!). I'll be cooking - making a meal that's extra delicious –and I couldn't think of anything I would rather do.

However, in case I wanted to celebrate V-Day in a cute/funny way, these items seemed quite fitting for that love-to-hate and hate-to-love holiday in mid-February!

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CM Illustration said...

hm. I must argue that you are indeed a gushy romantic.