February 17, 2010

Just A Little Something for the Summer...

Ahh, how my mind is going in a hundred places these days. Work has been crazy busy, I am about to hit a new decade (20? No dears, you are SO sweet to think that, however) tomorrow AND it's snowing almost every other day here in this northeastern city of NYC that I ponder why we shouldn't just pack it up and move someplace warmer. This last one has been on my mind all week. Well, not the moving so much but the wanting to go somewhere warm for a quick trip. Or perhaps ending this winter-coat-wearing. I just can't take it anymore! I can't leave the apartment these days without scarf, mittens, boots, winter coat and sanity. I just can't.

I believe that my mind escaped to thinking about the beach because this is the time of year (this WEEK exactly) when my family and I would head to the airport and fly to Florida to visit with my grandparents. I have many fond memories of building the best sandcastles on the beach, getting a sun-kissed glow, spending as much time at the pool as possible and looking for seashells. Not only that but I also got to celebrate my birthday in the warm weather. Being a February baby doesn't have many perks (your birthday party is canceled because of a snowstorm, etc), but when that date falls over school vacation and your Grandparents live in Florida, the world is your oyster (err, seashell).

That is what prompted me to start looking at fun summer clothes online. I just needed to catch sight of one bathing suit to remind that we do, fortunately, live in a region that gets seasons and soon enough (4 months!) it will be time to hit the beach or the lake or even just the park in just one layer. My first trip online took me to Old Navy and that's where I stopped (for now) as I found some cute little suits and fun dresses and accessories. A sample of what I wish I could wear this weekend to the beach and afterwards. How cute!

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