February 18, 2010

Hello Thirty!

Wow, that's the first time I have typed that out today but it's true, folks, today is the day I turned 30. For real, I am thirty today. Well, actually this morning was the official time I entered the world back in the day in 1980 (on a frigid Monday morning). I can’t really believe it. Still, though, I must say that if my day since waking up is anything how the rest of the year will be, I am more than okay with that.

It started when Matt joined me on my annual “birthday run” (don’t worry, it wasn’t done in my “birthday suit” - it is way too cold and I am way too against public nakedness). I should say that I am a runner but I make certain that a run is scheduled specifically for my birthday. Ad above from Asics (my running shoe and running ad of choice).

Next for the day was having both of my parents call and sing a happy birthday to me as well as a call from INDIA from Kathy (how great is she?) followed by many texts/emails from friends and family here in New York to California to Virginia to New Hampshire and more phone calls from my best gals here in the city, Sari and Caitlin, and Katie home in Massachusetts. And my favorite people whom I share a desk with gave me some beautiful (and totally Spring-y!) tulips as shown above. I even think the guy who made my egg white omelet this morning made it with extra love. It really was extra puffy. Though I did have to do work all day, February 18th is ending with a (hopefully) delicious meal with Matt in a cozy Brooklyn restaurant.

As every year on my birthday, but more and more as I get older, I realize how good life is. I have the most wonderful friends and family and boyfriend and what could I want more than going into 30 with them by my side? I just feel truly blessed. This is a complete opposite to how I was thinking/feeling over the weekend when I was lamenting on my lack of permanent job position, not owning property, having no ring on my finger and no brood of children in my home. You know what though? My new manner of thinking is now, “All in good time”. Because as of now, I have everything I want.

I couldn't end this posting on a sappy note hence this following paragraph. Not only calls and emails and texts and hugs were given today, but I asked around for some advice for 30 from those who have already turned this lovely age. I thought I would share with you the humor and wisdom of some friends and loved ones:

"Are you happy? Then keep doing what you’re doing."

"It’s now officially okay to fall asleep early on a Saturday night."

"Its time to be a role model."

"Starting lying about your age. Today."

"Life only gets better. Live it intentionally."

Cupcake photo from none other than the Queen of party decor, Martha


urban flea said...

happy birthday! hope you have a fabulous day my dear!

p.s. those cupcakes look so delicious right about now...

xo urban flea

Susana said...

Then very happy birthday and very happy 30s!

Greetings from Spain! ;)

Kelly said...

happy birthday! i made the leap to my 30s in november and i gotta say, so far they've been great!