February 25, 2009

Another Reason I Heart Brooklyn.

The new food entrepreneurs from Brooklyn via the NY Times

I love living in Brooklyn for many reasons. One is the sorta small-town feel. Two is the way there are 20 times more Mom & Pop shops than there are chains. Three is the quietness I hear when I step off the subway. Four is the way I feel like I have come back to some of my roots as my grandparents on my Mom's side were both born in Brooklyn. I could wax poetic all day but I will stop after saying just one more thing about why I love this large burrough to the east of Manhattan – the entrepreneurial spirit. This article captures the food entrepreneurs specifically on my side of the East River and makes me want to just BOTTLE or BAKE something and sell it! Read on!

*Thanks to my ever-thoughtful and always-looking-for-Brooklyn-things for her daughter-who-moved-out-of-state Mother for alerting me to the article from the NY Times! I love that you send me great things like this, Mom!

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