February 9, 2009

One Name: Coraline!

If you see one movie in the next couple of months, may I recommend that you see Coraline. We went on Saturday night, wore the funny 3D glasses and had a blast with teh movie. It was a treat for the eyes it was. It was filmed using real stop-action animation that was then slightly digitalized. The end result was a visual feast full of bright colors, imagination, entertainment, the yearning to "reach out and touch" whatever happened to be coming "out of the screen", and a fun story with some great characters. I know it just opened in NYC on Friday (and only at a select number of theaters) but when it comes to your neighborhood, go buy a ticket and don a pair of funny black 3D glasses!

1 comment:

adesignaffair said...

I'm obsessed with behind the scenes of how they knitted the little outfits!