February 6, 2009

A Valentine from My Time (and probably yours).

Who doesn't love the Geek from Sixteen Candles?! On sale with 4 other 80s cards on Etsy

Part of the reason I still love Valentine's Day comes from childhood memories of the holiday; making heart mobiles from coat hangers, dusting red glitter on paper hearts, creating valentine mailboxes from old milk cartons, and of course filling out names on valentine notes for my classmates. This year I don't think I will be making any mobiles (sorry Matt) but I am sure there will be a hand-made valentine of some sort. With looking at a lot of the design blogs who are posting about the cute, new, design-y valentine's out there I started to think about all of the OLD valentines from our childhood and wonder where those went? They were so kitschy and yet it's all we had. I did a bit of a web search and found a few that I thought I would share (seeing as it looks like they came straight from my 4th grade class) though the first one is NOT old but reference's one of my favorite 80s movies, "Sixteen Candles".

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Kelly said...

YAY! love these. :) i'm pretty sure i gave out those TMNT valentines one year even. haha.