February 4, 2009

A Long Walk with Big Love.

Walking through the looooong corridor that is the Times Square tunnel from 7th Avenue to 8th Avenue the other night, I noticed some pretty great ads along the way. Usually one advertiser will run the entire length of the corridor (which is quite a walk, I must say. Especially in heels. New heels at that. Ouch!) which gives you some eye candy while you hustle and bustle underground. Now through HBO's "Big Love" advertising you can have some ear candy too. One side of the tunnel is covered in nonstop vertical photographs of people on the street taken in such a way that it feels like you are ALSO walking along this street. The campaign of this new season is all about "hiding secrets" so the ads invite you to listen to what the people on the street are hiding – in their head! Above/on each person's head is a headphone jack for you to insert your own headphones and listen in on their hidden secrets. I actually did stop to listen (my second time in the tunnel as the first time through I was rushing to meet a friend) and they are pretty good! I did notice that at 7pm as people were rushing to their buses and trains and not stopping BUT at 10:15pm there were other curious kids like myself plugging into the ads. I recommend taking that long walk and checking it out to take a listen. Though I don't recommend wearing new shoes...

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