February 4, 2009

A Love for Legos.

Growing up, I think that my brother and I had a few mutual favorites in terms of toys and Legos might have ranked number one. Even now, one of the trips I still want to take is to LegoLand in southern California. Around Christmastime while walking through Toys 'R Us (on one of my THREE trips there) my eyes got thrown off the track of looking for what I was really there for and were directed to the large Lego displays and boxes filled with sets to make pirate ships, castles, rockets and other fun things made by colorful plastic squares and rectangles with bumpy tops and grooved bottoms. So of course when my eye caught sight of the headline at the top of "most emailed articles" on the nytimes today which spelled out L-E-G-O I had to go directly to the page and smile at the screen as I scrolled down. A clever use of imagination meets Legos and New York City via the creativity of Christoph Niemann. What could be better?!

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