June 23, 2009

3 Screams for Ice Creams.

Perhaps it's the gloomy weather we have been having or perhaps it's the fact that I was in my hometown last weekend that has me thinking more about ice cream right now. Having worked in an ice cream shop in my hometown for 4 years makes one think they are something of an ice cream connossier, which I do think I am. I have my favorite flavors (notice I said "flavors" not "flavor" as I could never limit myself to calling just ONE my one and only) that range from banana or maple walnut or coffee to dulce de leche or cinnamon. I'm not a big toppings fan though rainbow jimmies (or "sprinkles" as the rest of the country aside from New England likes to call those slightly crunchy and sweet) get me everytime if they are the "good" ones. In honor of the official start to summer being this past weekend, I am calling out three local ice cream shops that are on my "to try" lists for not only their taste but ALSO their wonderful and non-boring logos! L'Arte del Gelato in the West Village of Manhattan, Blue Marble Ice Cream in Brooklyn and Van Leeuwen who sells their ice cream to local shops as well as has an ice cream truck (that is one of the prettiest I have ever seen and looks similiar to the illustration on their website) that sits outside of my local video store.

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