June 10, 2009

Everybody Dance Now.

Except you really can't dance now because we all missed the exhibit! Or at least I did. I hate when I forget to check out the National AIGA gallery here in NYC. I used to work within close walking distance so I would never miss a show that I wanted to see. Now? I work in the neighborhood of tourists, The Today Show, and overpriced salads. Anyhow, I just remembered that I hadn't seen an AIGA show in a bit so I checked out their site and was sad to see one that I would have loved to take in: Everybody Dance Now: 20 Years of Dancing in Print. It's not that I have a huge fascination with dancing (though a couple of friends did try and convince me that "So You Think You Can Dance" is some fantastic summertime TV watching) but I really love the amazing angles and negative space and motion that is created with photography of dancers. For example, this season's NYC Ballet posters (designed by legendary Pentagram designer, Paula Scher) were just perfection in my design mind.

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