June 30, 2009

Judít García-Talavera: Barcelona Illustrator.

In the last two days, I have started to get nostalgic of my time in Spain last year. I actually started looking through my old blog posts and admiring the beauty of the country I called home for about 3 months, from August to November. I have a coworker who is there right now and two friends who will be going later in the summer. When asked about it, I am more than overjoyed to give them my two cents of the places to see and what to do – though for me, the best part of my trip was the unscripted travels and personal exploration.

Anyhow, it seems I must have been predisposed to discover a wonderful illustrator this morning who resides (surprise, surprise) in Barcelona. Judít García-Talavera has been commissioned for work by many Spanish magazines such as Marie Claire, Rolling Stone, and Papier Doll. Her work has great pops and splashes of watercolor on heavily textured paper while using fabulous negative space too. Get in the Spanish state-of-mind and check more of it out here.

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