September 18, 2008

...and a Church!

I love the way everyone is perfectly arranged in front of the church; especially the couple who just came out of each door!

Surprise, surprise...a great lampost with the church behind

Some detail at the side entrance

Interior details (click to enlarge)

You could say I started off my afternoon on the religious trail, because the next stop on my walk after the temple, was coincidentally a church; though this was not just ANY church. This was the Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar, considered the most beautiful church in Barcelona (and I think I might have to agree). It is also said (or at least Fodor’s says) to be the most complete example of Catalan Gothic architecture. It is also said that over the 54 years it took to build the church, almost everyone who was well enough in Barcelona to help, at some point or another in that history of construction, aided in the building. The front entrance of this 15th Century basilica is beautiful, but unlike the Sagrada Familia whose details lie on the outside, this church’s details are interior. Incredible stained glass on both sides, sculptures hanging off the walls, extremely high and wide naves (the highest in Europe), beautiful wooden pews. It was breathtaking. I wish that I had some better pictures of the entire place from front to back but with the lighting and my camera’s capabilities, they didn’t come out too good. So what I have to share are more detailing; which to me is the little stuff that made this church so incredible.

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