September 15, 2008

Jolt of the Week...

My favorite building in the Plaza del Sol in Gracia.

“Sacudida” in Spanish means “jolt” or "shock". I have decided that my life here in Barcelona has had every week since I have arrived, "una sacudida de la semana” or “a jolt of the week”. I have also decided that I should stop being surprised when crazy things happen and just hope that they are things that will work themselves out and that nothing is ever too strong to overtake my love for life here.

The sacudida of this week was learning this morning that my flatmates, the couple Mariluz & Fer, broke up yesterday. I am not sure when it happened as I was away all day, and then when I came home went to meet up with Sonja and her boyfriend who was in visiting from Germany for some tapas and wine. When I was getting ready to leave for school this morning Mariluz told me and also told me that it was a break-up on her part but that there was no fighting at all and I don’t have to worry about any anger being thrown around the flat. In fact, they both plan to continue living here and Mariluz will be staying in the smaller room across from mine that Fer JUST finished building shelving for on Saturday. I just hope that I won’t end up living the movie “The Ref” (though I'm a renter not a burgler).

Dios mio…

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Matt said...

What an unusual reference! I don't think I've heard anybody ever mention that movie since it came out 14 years ago. (Yes I was IMDB'd the year; I was going to guess 15, but figured I would take the 5 extra seconds to be factually correct.)

-Matthew Evan